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Lost : Last Icon Maker Standing Contest's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Lost : Last Icon Maker Standing Contest


This is a 'Lost' Last Icon Maker Standing Contest. Each challenge will last a week and this will go on until there is only one icon maker left, who will be named 'Last Icon Maker Standing'.


1. You must be a member to participate. You must join in from the beginning
2. You must make a new icon each challenge. You cannot use pre-made icons or other peoples bases.
3. Icons must follow lj standards, 100x100 and 40 kb.
4. You may enter only one icon per challenge.
5. Do not post your icon anywhere until the challenge is over.
6. You must post your icon URL and IMG SRC tag.


None Yet

Lost : LIMS

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7:46pm January 9th]


Hey, welcome to lost__lims
This community is members only, so join if you would like to participate.

Post all affiliate requests here as well :)

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